About Paul

Career & Talent

Paul K. is one of the most coveted newcomers in the modern percussion industry. At the adolescent age of 15, he began playing in Armenian bands with band mates twice his age and even toured with them through Montreal, Laval, Toronto, Cambridge, Washington, Detroit, and New York. Not long after, the self-taught musician’s talent spoke for itself; due to high-demand, he began performing one-man shows.

Paul K. picked up his first drum at the budding age of 5 and taught himself how to play; his instrument of choice was the darbukka [a goblet drum native to the Middle East]. As his talents developed, so did his musical interest, from the darbukka, he moved on to the dhol [a double-headed drum native to Armenia], and the davul [a double-headed drum played with mallets native to Anatolia]. Although he taught himself how to play all percussion instruments, his ancestral background has drawn him towards the percussions of Eastern Europe and the Middle East.


Let Paul K. entertain your guests with his live drum show at your next corporate event, birthday party, anniversary, baptism, engagement party, and wedding. He has a vast repertoire for any audience of any background including Armenian, Greek, Lebanese, Syrian, Moroccan, Egyptian, Jordanian, Jewish, Italian, and Iranian.

Paul K. Entertainment also offers drum performances paired with Armenian wind instruments like the zurna, duduk, shevi, and pkou.